The best jokes will be about things you know aren’t really true but raising doubts about them makes everyone laugh.
Viagra over the hill party cake

The best example is sex, as in:
  • You are too old to be attractive to the opposite sex,
  • You have lost your sex drive,
  • Your equipment doesn’t work properly,
  • Picturing someone old like you having sex makes us want to puke.

You can think of hundreds of good cake ideas based on sex vs. age. For example, build an
erector-set tower, complete with pulley, cable and crank on your cake. (Take that step back we talked about earlier and avoid adding a dick decoration.) Maybe the cable is lifting a pencil or a birthday candle. The caption can be as crude or as subtle as you wish, ranging from: “Here’s one way to still get an erection!” to “Keep crankin’, you’ll get it up!” Or think of something that’s actually funny.
Bodily functions
Yes, life is a race to decrepitude. Your eyesight gets worse, your hearing grows less sharp, hair falls out or goes white, pooping becomes a chore, you get tired more easily and on and on. All of these indignities are both awful and hilarious. How can you put them to use for amusement purposes?
old fart over the hill party cake

Mocking someone’s bowel movements properly requires a deft touch. If your sense of humor on the subject begins and ends with turds, consult with someone who can add a half-turn on the concept so that party guests do not dry heave when they see your cake.

For example, we have seen great cakes that incorporate
a roll of toilet paper and a clever caption. Or you could use a Depends or Ex Lax logo to get the idea across. Anything that expresses the theme: “Ha ha, you’re too old to defecate properly!”

For failing eyesight, decorate an
optometrists’ eyechart on the cake. For hearing, put your deafness-related message in LARGE CAPITAL LETTERS!

Need even more ideas?
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How to Bake an
Over the Hill Party Cake

Step 5: Now stir the ingredients together: cake mix, three eggs, one-third cup vegetable oil and 1.25 cups water, or “agua.”

Remember, use a liquid measuring cup, which is not the same as a dry measuring cup. If you don’t know the difference, use handfuls. Stir ingredients carefully until the mix is wet and batter-y.

Step 6: Use a hand mixer to blend the ingredients on “medium” for two minutes. Honey, where do we keep the hand mixer? No, I will not make a mess. Fine, you do it. Two minutes. Any more and the batter gets tough and leathery. Be sure to scrape the side of the bowl where dry clumps try to hide from mixer Armageddon.


Step 7: Stop mixing and let the blades drip goop into the batter. Hey, you’re right. That does look messy. And really red. What was our concept again? Did it involve internal bleeding? Next step.