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Congratulations on finding one of the most boring sections of an otherwise interesting website on a very esoteric subject. I spent a lot of time researching this subject and turning what I learned into a format that might make sense. While you will learn nothing of interest on this page, the rest of the site should be informative.

Yet, despite my efforts to incorporate every known fact about this subject, you still may have questions. For example:

  • What if I do everything you suggest with my eyes closed? Will it still work?
  • What if I am Canadian? Huh? What about that?
  • Should I really be taking advice from faceless entities that create anonymous websites?

The answer to these, and every other question you can imagine is the same: Yes, you can! Now, armed with that bit of uplifting knowledge, you may move forward in your quest to do things.

If you still feel compelled to contact me, please state your query in the form of a question and email it to: Do not include the dot at the end. That is a period, not part of the email address.

Now that you have taken bold action, you must practice extreme patience. The wind will grind mountains into sand and still you must wait. Civilizations will rise and fall, oceans will dry up and refill, and 6 will turn out to be 9. And then you will change email addresses and all your past and future messages will be lost in a forest of one hand clapping. You have reached digital nirvana. Glad I could help.