Over The Hill Cake Ideas

Someone’s having a birthday, and not just any birthday – a milestone Over the Hill birthday where the guest of honor’s advanced age will be both mocked and celebrated. Every birthday needs a cake, but an Over the Hill birthday cake takes it to a new level. Sticking a few candles into a droopy Buzz Lightyear won’t cut it. 

As the one responsible for the cake, your organizational skills, sense of humor, and craftiness will be judged by people smarter than you – as evidenced by their ability to avoid this job and stick you with it instead. Who’s smarter doesn’t matter now. You are the one who must produce results.

CATFWP spells success

One word will save you: CATFWP. You’re right, it’s not really a word. But it does encapsulate everything you need to know when creating an Over the Hill cake that party guests will remember forever, or until a random thought about monkeys and banjos diverts their attention.

Even if you decide to pay a professional to actually make the cake – a very good idea, by the way – you must give the pro some solid ideas to pursue. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a cake with “PUT SOMETHING CLEVER AND APPROPRIATE ON THE CAKE” written on top in pink icing.

The Perfect Over the Hill Cake

Your Over the Hill cake must be: 

• Clever

• Appropriate

• Tasty

• Filling

• Well-made

• Presentationally appealing

Stick the landing on all these points and you’re guaranteed a perfect Over the Hill cake. Go weak in any department and get ready to face disappointment.

So, that’s about it. Be sure to visit:

OverTheHill.com for all your Over the Hill party supplies and gag gifts.

To plug right into the whole let’s-make-a-really-cool-cake community, you can’t do much better than Cake Central.com. Their galleries of Over the Hill and other cakes are unmatched.

Thanks for watching and be careful on the drive home.

How to Bake an Over the Hill Party Cake

Step 1: Think of a cake idea. Borrowing ideas from websites and other people counts as “thinking.” If you only have one idea and it involves shit or death, keep thinking/borrowing so you’ll have more choices.

Step 2: Buy cake mix. We got this from Walmart for 94 cents. Duncan Hines Red Velvet Moist Deluxe. Sounds yummy and the directions look pretty easy.